About ICGamers

The idea of Xboxic surfaced when a few people on the Gathering of Tweakers forum more or less simultaneously thought of the idea that a Wiki would be a good idea for assembling useful information on their Xbox 360. After Cybermans initially created a temporary Wiki to hold information mainly for use within the Tweakers community, Curry decided to take the idea a bit further by linking a full Wiki about everything Xbox to a community site allowing people to find eachother easily based on subcommunities, favorite games or location. Some of the community elements are still under construction, but our news section has already achieved a widespread reputation on the internet for being fast and accurate, and the site continues to grow at a lightning pace.


Xboxic aims to provide the Xbox community with news, information and community building tools allowing people to make new friends with shared interests. To this end we currently offer our users a news section, Wiki and forum.

In the News section our main focus is on providing fast and accurate information. A screenshot can be news if it demonstrates something revolutionary, but don't expect daily updates on every screenshot from every game. We love rumors, but unless we find them credible and/or manage to find a decent source supporting the rumor it's not going to be posted, or with a huge disclaimer that we also think it's bullshit. And we love speed: if we missed something at first we'll probably only post it later if it is really important to know. Noone likes old news, and if it wasn't important enough for us to post on you've probably read it elsewhere if you were specifically interested. All in all we aim to keep our users informed by giving them a steady stream of quality information covering all there is you need to know, while not overloading with useless chitchat.

In the Wiki section we bind the information together which would otherwise take you through 20 sites to gather. Our aim is to eliminate the need to visit any other site than our Wiki for Xbox-related information: the Wiki should contain everything from game achievements to strategy guides and from cheats to publisher profiles. Since this is a huge job ofcourse, every user of our site is invited to assist.

The Forum provides a diverse set of categories where users can pose specific questions, discuss games and hardware with fellow users, or just have some off-topic chitchat. The Forum also hosts our release calendar and facilities to arrange online gaming activities.