Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet

Despite the phenomenal success of Nintendo Co.’s home-based Wii and handheld DS videogame consoles, the Japanese gaming giant appears to have held tight to its sense of humility regarding the strength of the competition. Specifically, Nintendo bigwig Reggie Fils-Aime has openly applauded rival software titles while also voicing his concern in relationship to the positioning of Sony’s LittleBigPlanet.

During a recent expansive interview held with, the president and chief operating officer at Nintendo of America (NoA) refused to adopt the usual approach of corporate backbiting and sand kicking when asked whether existing titles on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 would lead him to say: “I wish we had that game.”

Indeed, rather than resorting to turning the question to directly benefit Nintendo’s own leading software titles, Fils-Aime (46) instead openly applauded the likes of Halo 3 and BioShock.

Of the Halo franchise, the Nintendo exec outlined that anyone looking at the trilogy and deciding their business could survive without it “probably doesn’t think real long about this industry.” With regard to BioShock, Fils-Aime commended the pseudo-RPG shooter for its “tremendously clever” writing before suggesting that the videogame industry could use “more of that type of content” in terms of gaming material “that actually makes people think a little bit.”

However, when it comes to the PlayStation 3’s eagerly anticipated LittleBigPlanet, Fils-Aime’s underlying platform envy almost beats down his praise. Although he sees Media Molecule’s original creation as a title that has “intrigued” him during its ongoing development through Sony, Fils-Aime offers that he remains unconvinced “that it belongs on their platform.”

While LittleBigPlanet will arrive as somewhat of a genre departure for Sony and the powerhouse PlayStation 3 – and is potentially more befitting of the innovative gaming mandate currently being executed by Nintendo – the fact that the game’s Web 2.0-style user-generated content, intuitive design, and motion-sensing control will likely widen the demographic appeal of an otherwise ‘hardcore’ system can only be seen as a good thing… that Nintendo has sadly missed out on.

LittleBigPlanet is due for exclusive release on the PlayStation 3 in Q1 of 2008. Check out what’s on offer by enjoying the video below, courtesy of applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet newsvine:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet furl:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet reddit:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet fark:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet Y!:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet gamegrep:Fils-Aime applauds the competition, doubts LittleBigPlanet

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