Gamescom 10 Wrap-up

Now that I’ve returned back home and have full internet access, I finally found the time to take a proper look at all the photos I’ve taken at Gamescom 2010 and, as promised, uploaded them to the tubes for you all to see. First, we have plenty of pictures of the voluptuous gals that made my plowing through sweaty crowds bearable, then three dozens of photos of the booths and show floor in general, and finally two videos that you simply must see. Without further ado, here’s Gamescom 2010 in pictures (and two videos!).

Gamescom 2010 Booth babes

Gamescom 2010 Show floor

Gamescom 2010 - Razer Booth Babe Dancing Her Ass Off

Gamescom 2010 Press Party - Dancing Lady

Please excuse the questionable quality of the pictures and videos. We promise we’ll step up our game at Gamescom 2011!

Let us know which booth babe is your favourite in the comments below! If you haven’t guessed, mine’s the armed Poisonville blonde posing in front of a palm tree. 10 Wrap-up newsvine:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up furl:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up reddit:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up fark:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up Y!:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up gamegrep:Gamescom 10 Wrap-up

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