Ubisoft Ditch Manuals In Effort To Go Green

Ubisoft Entertainment, a leading games development studio and publishers, have announced that the company will no longer include paper manuals packaged in with new releases starting with the upcoming ‘Shaun White Skateboarding’. As well as using more recyclable plastics with game cases, the new green initiative is an effort for the company to go greener that will bring long term benefits to the environment.

Future Ubisoft published games will now feature digital manuals accessible within the games menu itself, but it will be up to the developers of the game to create it as interactive as they see fit. Digital manuals could be anything from text and image based content to fully interactive demonstration videos.

Rich Kubiszewski, Ubisoft’s VP of Operations commented:

“That is going to provide a huge benefit to the environment, but also to the consumer; having a better gaming experience with an in-game manual,”

“We are forecasting this could be 6 million manuals we could eliminate, with PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, for the rest of the fiscal year. That’s about 180 tons of paper, 360 tons of wood, and about 2,300 acres of small forest.”

All Ubisoft PC games will now ship in the worlds first 100% recycled polypropylene plastic DVD case, starting with the PC version of Splinter Cell Conviction. Unfortunately due to the specific colouring of console game cases, 100% recyclable material can not be dyed well, but many Xbox 360 games are now using “EnviroShell” cases that contain 30% less plastic and Nintendo are looking into using similar eco-cases for future Wii games.

Ubisoft are hoping their green initiative will encourage many other publishers to follow suit.

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Comment by Jonah Falcon on 2010-04-19 17:54:46

Horsesh-t. UbiSoft just is saving money on not having to print a manual.

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